Dan Junkins should be dead right now. He was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in April of 2017 with only weeks left to live. Just hours before receiving the strongest chemotherapy protocols in the cancer realm, he meditated and 3 things happened. First, these words came to him, “Dive into uncertainty with courage and surround everything with love”. A deep peace washed over him as he embraced the uncertainty of life fully. Secondly, he remembered a powerful story about the peacock and its ability to eat and consume poisonous snakes and transform that poison into power and beautiful feathers- so he became a peacock his chemotherapy and third, he generated love, gratitude and community in the face of of his leukemia diagnosis and chemo- which became the recipe for miraculous results to happen. Now healthy and well, and a long distance runner, he wrote a #1 Amazon bestselling book ‘Peacocks Poison and Leukemia: A Life of Vibrant Health” He does one on one coaching, group coaching and consulting specializing in mindset practices, community building by powerfully shifting paradigms, using love, affinity and gratitude tools and actions. His commitment and stand is sharing, promoting and inviting profound conversations that cause a new frontier of healing from within ourselves.

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