Mikey Wren is a 13 year old kid entrepreneur, speaker and best-selling Author. At 8 years old Mikey started Mikey’s Munchies Vending a local vending machine company in St. Louis MO. Mikey has inspired over 10,000 youth with his Best Selling children book Mikey Learns about Business. He has become a leader in his community by hosting workshops to teach entrepreneurship, finances and leadership to his peers. After overcoming many obstacles, Mikey has developed a growth mindset and has persevered through many obstacles.


Arriel Biggs is the Founder of Young Biz Kidz a Nonprofit organization. She uses the tools of Entrepreneurship to reach the masses to help families see that entrepreneurship is an option. As the momager of Mikey..The Kid who knows the Biz, Arriel believes that teaching financial education through entrepreneurship is a great way to introduction smart money habits to our youth. Arriel has helped hundreds of youth see that entrepreneurship is an option. She also believes that entrepreneurship teaches effective communication, personal responsibilities, problem solving skills, builds self-esteem and builds strong relationships.



Facebook/IG/Youtube: Mikey Knows Biz

Facebook/IG: Arriel Biggs

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