In a whirlwind of excitement and change, co-hosts A.J. and Caitlin have come together for a brief yet impactful episode to unveil an exciting new direction for the “40 Under 40 Podcast.” With the promise of inclusivity and engaging content, the podcast is now set to deliver a unique and dynamic listening experience, all centered around the concept of “40 Questions in Under 40 Minutes.”

In this super quick episode, A.J. and Caitlin take the stage to share not only the exciting changes happening within the podcast but also some personal updates, making it a truly special and reflective moment for both hosts.

Diverse Topics and Voices The cornerstone of the podcast’s transformation is the new format – “40 Questions in Under 40 Minutes.” This format ensures that the conversations are rapid, insightful, and concise. It brings together an array of voices from various backgrounds and age groups, moving away from any age-related biases that may have been present in the past.

Personal Updates and Reflections As they embark on this new podcasting journey, Caitlin and A.J. take a moment to share some personal updates with their audience. Caitlin, with her unwavering dedication and passion, talks about her exhilarating journey in pilot school. It’s a testament to her commitment to growth and her pursuit of her dreams.

Meanwhile, both hosts reflect on significant changes in their personal lives. They find themselves living in completely different cities compared to where they started their podcasting journey together. These personal updates not only mark a new chapter for the podcast but also celebrate the remarkable growth and evolution of its hosts.

The “40 Under 40 Podcast” has always been about bringing insightful conversations to its listeners. With the new format and the inclusion of diverse voices and topics, this podcast is set to take that mission to the next level. It promises to provide a rapid-fire, engaging, and dynamic listening experience, where every moment is packed with valuable insights and exciting discussions.

As A.J. and Caitlin embrace this new direction, they invite you, their loyal audience, to join them on this thrilling journey. Whether you’ve been a dedicated listener from the beginning or are just discovering the podcast, get ready for quick and stimulating content that leaves you inspired and informed.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes in the new format, and don’t forget to subscribe, whether you prefer audio or video. Thank you for your continued support, and let’s embark on this exciting new chapter together with the “40 Under 40 Podcast”!

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