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Dan Faill: Professional Speaker, Consultant, Vice President of Campus Support

Dan Faill is a seasoned storyteller and international speaker who uses humor and personal experiences to foster meaningful conversations. With over 15 years of advocating for positive student experiences, Dan now travels the country as a full-time speaker and consultant, inspiring authenticity and courageous conversations. Achievements include Choice Theory/Reality Therapy Training, Crisis Intervention Certification, and expertise in Sustained Dialogue and Title IX.

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About 40 Under 40 Podcast

The 40 Under 40 Podcast is where co-hosts Caitlin Crommett and A.J. MacQuarrie ask 40 thought-provoking or insightful questions within a time constraint of 40 minutes. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, personal development, career, relationships, current events, and more. The aim is to provide rapid-fire, concise answers that offer unique perspectives and engage the audience in an energetic and dynamic manner. This format creates an exciting and fast-paced listening experience, encouraging concise and impactful responses from the participants. Listeners gain diverse insights and discover new ideas within a short timeframe, making it an engaging podcast for individuals looking for quick and stimulating content.